Dear Valued Visitor,

This is a sad day and we are sorry to inform you is shutting down. takes the initiative to collect all public available data from various public sources and transform it into useful information on all listed companies in Malaysia. It plays its role to support the retail investors community to make informed investment decision, and has been an important tool used by many investors before executing stock trades in Bursa Malaysia.

However, in May/June 2016, was instructed by Bursa Malaysia Berhad (Information Services team) that it cannot publish Malaysia's stock market info at the portal without paying a license fee to Bursa Malaysia, regardless where the portal obtains its data. is a free investment portal that do not generate any revenue for the team who created and maintained the portal. It is becoming extremely difficult for the team to continue to maintain the portal by having to pay monthly hosting and operation fees, and on top of that having required to pay Bursa Malaysia the license fee, which is not a small amount by our standard.

Therefore, in respecting the direction imposed by Bursa Malaysia as the regulator party in equity investment in Malaysia, has no choice but to shut down the website. Though we believe market data should be freely available, sharable and distributable by Fintech sites in Malaysia if the primary objective is to encourage retail investors participation in the market, we have to put our belief and dreams on hold, until a day when the Malaysia's regulatory standards are enhanced to match those developed nations.

Lastly, we'd like to re-iterate that shutting down the website is one of the most difficult decision by us, but we did it out of no choice. We'd like to take this opportunity to say farewell and express our appreciation to our valued visitors who have supported us in the past. We look forward to a day when major revamp to the Malaysia's regulatory standards are in place, to support and enable Malaysia to be a Fintech hub in the region.

Happy investing!

P/S: Final screen capture of before it shut down...